John Elliott

Actor Bill Paxton dead at 61

John Elliott

Join John each day Monday through Friday for Your Pod just after 3pm, the Country Rumble at 4pm, NASCAR Today at 4:30 and the Ride At 5 for your drive home. Plus the best country music between Dallas/Ft Worth and Austin. John has 32 years in the radio business, 16 at WACO-100. His first radio job was at KRQX in Dallas. You'll find John spending a lot of time at the H.O.T. Fairgrounds, as Rodeo and related functions are tops on his list of favorite past-times. John's Favorite Country Singer is George Jones. Join John for: "The Country Rumble", NASCAR Today, THe Ride At Five and lots more on your way home from work. John is WACO-100's Production Manager, and head cook and bottle washer for the WACO-100 BBQ cooking (beverage consumption) team. He also has a soft spot in his heart for animals. Especially horses and dogs.


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