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A Guy Bought Every Apple Pie at a Burger King So the Obnoxious Kid Behind Him Couldn't Get One


HIGHLIGHTS:  There's a story online that we can't PROVE is real . . . but we hope it is.  A guy was in line at Burger King, in front of a woman and her out-of-control, screaming kid, who was swearing and demanding an apple pie.  And the guy got so sick of it that when he got to the front, he bought all 23 apple pies in stock so the kid couldn't get one.


The Ten Things You're Most Likely to Argue About in the Car


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, the thing that's most likely to start an argument in the car is GETTING LOST.  Followed by speeding, not asking for directions, loud kids, and yelling at other drivers.

FULL STORY:  A recent survey found that the place couples are most likely to argue is the CAR.  So a new poll asked for the thing that's most likely to START that argument.  And yes, number one is getting lost.  Here are the top ten.


1.  Getting lost.

2.  Speeding.

3.  Not asking for directions.

4.  Dealing with loud kids in the backseat.

5.  The person behind the wheel yelling at other drivers.

6.  The temperature.

7.  Where to stop for food.

8.  The music you want to listen to.

9.  What you're talking about, because you want to change the subject.

10.  Driving too slowly. 

(Daily Mail)


A New Teacher Shows Up For Her First Day of School Drunk and Without Pants


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 49-year-old woman in Oklahoma showed up to her first day of work as a high school teacher on Monday . . . hammered on vodka and not wearing pants.  School doesn't start until Thursday, but the teachers had to be there Monday . . . and she wound up getting arrested for public intoxication.


A Six-Year-Old Now Knows More About Technology Than You Do


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study has confirmed what you knew deep down . . . the average six-year-old now knows more about technology than the average 45-year-old.  Overall, 14 and 15-year-olds are the most confident about new technology.  The average 18-to 45-year-old knows slightly more than a six-year-old, but less than a teenager.


Lee Brice Spent Two Years Figuring Out the Song Order On His "I Don't Dance" Album


I'm sure most artists put a lot of thought into the song order on their albums, but two years seems a little excessive to me.  And yet, that's how long it took LEE BRICE to settle on the track listing of "I Don't Dance", which is out September 9th.

He said, quote, "Every night for two years and a lot of mornings when I woke up, I spent looking at sequencing.  If you're talking about 16 songs . . . and it started out with 30 . . . there are a lot of combinations.

"I toiled over it until literally 10:30 in the morning on the day of mastering until I said, 'Okay, this is the sequence.'  I had a couple of tweaks left, and I figured it out."  


Rascal Flatts is Cancelling Three Shows Because of Gary LeVox's Illness


RASCAL FLATTS' singer GARY LEVOX has an "unforeseen illness", so they're canceling three shows.  Those are, tonight's concert in Nampa, Idaho . . . tomorrow in Airway Heights, Washington . . . and Saturday in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

Bassist JAY DEMARCUS talked about it on their website:  Quote, "It is incredibly difficult to make the decision to cancel shows and disappoint our loyal fans who have been so good to us over the years.  We promise to return as soon as we can."


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