Today is Monday June 2, 2014



The Top Ways People "Live on the Edge" Are Booking Trips They Can't Afford and Driving With the Gas Light On


HIGHLIGHTS:  Three out of four people in a new survey say their lives are pretty boring . . . and based on the ways they try to live on the EDGE, their lives are going to STAY boring.  Some of the top ways people get some excitement are:  Driving with the gas light on, having a beer at lunch, and not paying their bills on time.


Alice from "The Brady Bunch" is No Longer With Us


HIGHLIGHTS:  ANN B. DAVIS . . . who played Alice on "The Brady Bunch", died yesterday at the age of 88.  Sadly, this appears to have been sudden and not at all expected.  Ann fell and hit her head on Saturday, suffered a hematoma and never regained consciousness.  A close friend says, quote, "What you see on 'The Brady Bunch' was who she was.  She was a very faithful Christian person."


"Maleficent" Is Angelina Jolie's Best Box Office Debut Ever


"Maleficent" had a fantastic opening weekend, earning $70 million in its first three days.  Believe it or not, that's the best box office debut of ANGELINA JOLIE'S career.  Her previous best was "Kung Fu Panda", which made $60.2 million.   


SETH MACFARLANE wasn't as fortunate with "A Million Ways to Die in the West".  It debuted in 3rd place with just over $17 million . . . which is just one fourth of what "Maleficent" made.


Luke Bryan Fell On His Face While Performing . . . Again


HIGHLIGHTS:  LUKE BRYAN had to get stitches after falling off the stage at his show Thursday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He wasn't seriously injured but he did remind the crowd that it was the second time since February that he fell while performing in North Carolina.


Is Scotty McCreery Arming Himself Against Another Armed Robbery?


HIGHLIGHTS:  It's possible that SCOTTY MCCREERY is arming himself against another armed robbery.  He Tweeted a photo of 20 guns laid out in front of his tour bus and he wrote, "Warning:  Do not attempt to rob my bus."  He says the guns are for target practice . . . and he also posted a video on Instagram where he nails the target from what looks like a few hundred yards.


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