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The Ten Little Things That Make Us Happiest


HIGHLIGHTS:  Someone did a survey on the little things that make us happy, and coming in first was . . . finding a $5 bill in your pocket.  Other things that made the list are getting into bed with fresh sheets, getting something for free, and getting a compliment from a stranger.



FULL STORY:  You don't need to win the lottery to be happy.  Just finding a few bucks in your pocket can FEEL like winning the lottery . . . at least for a brief moment.

A new survey asked people what little things make them the happiest.  Here's the top 10 . . .

1.  Finding $5 in your pocket.

2.  The sun shining.

3.  Getting up to the cashier and finding whatever you were buying was actually on sale and cheaper than you expected.

4.  Getting into bed with fresh sheets.

5.  Getting something for free.

6.  Doing something nice for a stranger.

7.  Booking a trip.

8. Getting a compliment from a stranger.

9.  When you hear a good song come on the radio.

10.  Completing a long list of tasks. 


The Ten Things People Only Pretend to Like


HIGHLIGHTS:  What things are people only PRETENDING to like?  Some of the most popular answers are:  Going to a nightclub . . . going for a run . . . being around other people's kids . . . celebrating someone else's success . . . and doing shots.

FULL STORY:  We all do things because we think we're SUPPOSED to do them, not because we actually WANT to.  But we have to suck it up and pretend we're really enjoying ourselves.

What are some things that we only PRETEND we like doing?  Here are 10 of the most popular answers . . .


1.  Going to a club.

2.  Going for a run.

3.  Drinking green juice and other healthy juices.

4.  Cooking.

5.  Being around other people's kids.

6.  Eating oysters.

7.  Working in a group.

8.  Celebrating someone else's success.

9.  Hearing other people's honest opinions about you.

10.  Doing shots. 


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A Woman Fell 50 Feet While Sleepwalking and Survived . . . Because She Didn't Wake Up


HIGHLIGHTS:  A woman from England was on vacation in Spain last month, and managed to SLEEPWALK out her hotel room window.  She fell 50 feet onto some concrete, but survived . . . and she says it's because she never woke up, so her body stayed relaxed.  She was out of the hospital in eight days and is already walking again.


Brad Paisley Worries the Audience Will Notice Broccoli on his Teeth


HIGHLIGHTS: There's one thing BRAD PAISLEY always does before he goes on stage . . . he brushes his teeth.  Quote, "There's been a time or two where I didn't, and I'm up there worrying about a piece of broccoli."  He also likes bringing his father on tour, because it keeps him grounded. 


Vince Gill's Favorite Guitar Players Range From Jimmy Page to Doc Watson


HIGHLIGHTS: asked VINCE GILL to name his favorite guitar players.  They range from Jimmy Page and Joe Walsh, to bluegrass legend Doc Watson.


Tracy Morgan Is Out of the Hospital, and He's Suing Walmart Over the Truck Driver Who Crashed Into Him


HIGHLIGHTS:  TRACY MORGAN checked out of a rehab facility over the weekend.  He's recovering from a car crash last month that killed one person and injured four.  Tracy also just filed a lawsuit against Walmart, because it was one of their trucks that crashed into the back of his limo, and the driver allegedly hadn't slept for over 24 hours.


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