Today is Monday June 30, 2014



Facebook Secretly Conducted Experiments on Us, to See If They Could Manipulate Our Moods


HIGHLIGHTS:  Turns out Facebook ran a secret study a few years ago on almost 700,000 of us to see if they could manipulate our emotions.  Half of those people only saw friends' positive updates for a week . . . half saw only negative updates.  Then Facebook monitored if it made the people more positive or negative.  Turns out it didn't have any effect, but still, it's shady.


KFC Accidentally Served a Deep Fried Hand Towel


HIGHLIGHTS:  A woman and her stepson ordered chicken nuggets at a KFC earlier this month, and when the kid bit into one, it wasn't chicken . . . KFC had accidentally deep fried a BLUE HAND TOWEL.  They apologized and offered the woman a free meal.  She turned them down . . . but it doesn't look like she's suing.


What Are the Ten Worst Movies of the Year So Far?


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new "Rolling Stone" readers' poll, the WORST movie of the year so far is the new "Godzilla" remake, followed by "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", "A Million Ways to Die in the West", "Noah", and "I, Frankenstein".


Showbiz Hero of the Day: Amy Adams Gave Up Her First Class Seat to a Soldier


HIGHLIGHTS:  AMY ADAMS gave up her first class airplane seat to a SOLDIER on a flight from Detroit to L.A.  She tried to do it inconspicuously, but other passengers saw what happened, so the story got out.  When the press contacted Amy she said, quote, "I didn't do it for attention for myself.  I did it for attention for the Troops."


"Transformers" Made $100 Million This Weekend


"Transformers: Age of Extinction" was the only new movie in theaters this weekend, and it had the best opening weekend of the year with a strong haul of $100 million in its first few days of release.  That's slightly better than the last "Transformers" movie, which made $97.9 million . . . but not as good as "Revenge of the Fallen", which made $109 million.


A Guy Steals a Giant Chicken Costume, Then Wears It to 'Wing Night' at a Bar


HIGHLIGHTS:  A guy in Missouri broke into a costume shop on Thursday, stole a GIANT CHICKEN costume, then wore it to a bar for WING NIGHT.  There's no word how many discounted chicken wings he took down before the cops tracked him down and arrested him.


David Nail Believes a "First Love" Is a Powerful Thing


HIGHLIGHTS:  DAVID NAIL believes there's "something beautiful" about your first love.  He says, quote, "When you're 16 or 17 years old, you haven't seen anything or gone anywhere.  When you're young and naive, that first love is a powerful thing.  I talk about mine all the time."


Angaleena Presley's "Mama" Thinks Her New Album is Too Autobiographical


HIGHLIGHTS:  ANGALEENA PRESLEY'S new album "American Middle Class" will be out in the fall . . . but it's already upsetting her MOM.  Angaleena says, quote, "Each of the songs is a chapter of my life.  I've literally lived every minute of this record.  My mama ain't none too happy about me spreading my business around but I have to do it."


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