Today is Friday July 11, 2014



The Happiest Moment of Your Vacation Is 7:30 P.M. on the Third Night


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study found the exact moment when your happiness peaks on vacation . . . it's 7:30 P.M. on the THIRD day.  That's when you're fully in vacation mode, you still have plenty of vacation left, you still have plenty of money left, and you haven't completely blown your budget.


Smelling Flatulence Helps Prevent Diabetes, Heart Attacks, and Cancer?


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new study, smelling someone's BAD GAS might help prevent heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.  Hydrogen sulfide is the chemical that makes flatulence smell bad, and it also helps preserve the mitochondria in your cells . . . which keep them healthy and YOU healthy.


[NEW] Five Romantic Gestures That Don't Cost Anything


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are five romantic gestures that won't cost you a thing:  Start someone's workday off with an unexpected voicemail or text . . . take care of a mundane task they hate to do . . . compliment them on something less obvious than their looks . . . make a small sacrifice to make them happy . . . and let them know you're looking forward to seeing them again.


A Guy Camped Out So He'd Be the First Person to Buy Weed in Washington . . . and Got Fired When His Boss Found Out


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 30-year-old guy camped out overnight this week to be the first person in Spokane, Washington to buy weed legally.  And when the local news covered it, his boss FIRED him.  But the guy says he has no regrets, and he's hoping to land his dream job . . . working at a marijuana dispensary.


You Can Buy Travel Insurance That Pays $1,000 if You Get Stuck on the Tarmac


HIGHLIGHTS:  You can now buy travel insurance that pays out if your FLIGHT gets delayed.  It's costs $25, and pays $50 if you're delayed more than two hours.  But if you get stuck on the TARMAC for over two hours, it pays a THOUSAND bucks.  You also get $500 if you miss a connecting flight, and $1,000 if they lose your bags.


Garth Brooks is Coming Back with New Music and a Tour


HIGHLIGHTS:  GARTH BROOKS announced he'll be releasing a new single in a couple of weeks and a new album around Thanksgiving.  He's also going to launch a tour, but we won't know the details until Monday.  And he's finally decided to sell his music digitally, but it'll only be available at


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