Today is Thursday July 17, 2014



Here's Why You Always Choose the Slowest Line at the Grocery Store


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here's why you ALWAYS seem to choose the slowest line at the grocery store.  Stores open JUST enough lines to handle customers . . . so if there's even a SLIGHT delay in one lane it creates a pile-up.  And your odds of picking a lane where something like that DOESN'T happen are small.


A Guy Robs His Girlfriend's Bank . . . To Pay For Her Engagement Ring


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 22-year-old guy from Michigan wanted to get his girlfriend an engagement ring, but couldn't afford it.  So on Valentine's Day he went to the bank where she works and ROBBED it.  Surveillance cameras got a decent shot of him, and when his girlfriend saw it she told the cops.  He was just sentenced to six-and-a-half years in federal prison.


A Company in Chicago Limits Their Staff to Six Minutes in the Bathroom Per Day


HIGHLIGHTS:  A faucet company in Chicago felt like employees were spending too much time in the bathroom, so they started a new policy last month where everyone only gets six minutes in the bathroom per day.  Nineteen people went over and got warnings, and could get suspended next time.  The union has filed a complaint.


A Man Set His House on Fire Using a Homemade Flamethrower . . . Because He Wanted to Kill a Spider


HIGHLIGHTS:  A guy in Seattle wanted to kill a spider in his house, so he put together a HOMEMADE FLAMETHROWER . . . he held his lighter up to a can of spray paint to blast the spider.  But he wound up setting the entire house on fire and did $60,000 in damage.


Google Maps Busted Two Guys About to Rob a House


HIGHLIGHTS:  Back in July of 2011, two guys broke into a woman's house in Oklahoma and held her at gunpoint while they robbed the place.  Cops never caught them, but three years later, the woman's friend saw their photo on Google Maps Street View . . . outside the house right before they robbed it.  Now police are using it to track them down.


Jake Owen Turned A Country Music Hater Into a Country Music Lover . . . By Giving Her Free Tickets to His Show


HIGHLIGHTS:  JAKE OWEN wanted to change the mind of a woman who didn't like country music, so he gave her and her friends free tickets to his show.  He also laid it on thick by bringing them ONSTAGE to sit at his tiki bar.  As you'd expect, she came around.


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