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Husbands Make More Secret Purchases Than Wives . . . Plus the Top Five Secret Things We Buy


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey found husbands are more likely than wives to secretly buy things.  The top things people spend money on without telling their significant other are nights out and clothes, hair, and beauty products.


A Woman Who Stole a Dress Is Busted When She Posts Selfies on Facebook


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 27-year-old woman in Illinois shoplifted a leopard print dress from a store earlier this month . . . then took a few selfies in it, and posted them on FACEBOOK.  One of the store's co-owners went on Facebook and posted about the stolen dress . . . and some people pointed him to the photos.  She was arrested for misdemeanor retail theft.


James Garner Has Died


HIGHLIGHTS:  JAMES GARNER passed away at his home in California on Saturday night, at the age of 86.  He died of natural causes.  He was best known for his starring roles on "The Rockford Files" and "Maverick", and more recently in the movie "The Notebook".


Casey Kasem's Kids Don't Know Where His Body Is


A month after CASEY KASEM'S death, the battle between his widow JEAN and his kids from his first marriage rages on.

The kids now say Jean removed Casey's body from a Washington state funeral home, and they don't know where it is.  If Jean did remove the body, she did it in defiance of the law.

Earlier in the week Casey's kids went to court to request an autopsy.  The judge ordered Jean to keep the body in cold storage at the funeral home until that request could be ruled on. 


Brad Paisley Says the Breastfeeding Mom Should "Not" Have Brought Her Infant Into the Pit Area of His Concert


HIGHLIGHTS:  BRAD PAISLEY has strong words for the woman who claimed she was kicked out of his show for breastfeeding.  He said, quote, "There's no way I would take a baby into the pit at one of my concerts.  It's in every way a bad decision.  And I wish she would just learn from this as opposed to pretending to be a victim."


Tyler Farr's New Bachelor Pad Will Be "Classy"


HIGHLIGHTS:  TYLER FARR recently had a "lifelong dream" come true when he bought a log cabin on 32 acres of land along a river near Nashville.  But don't expect it to be party central.  He says, quote, "It will be a bachelor pad, but I'm going to try to keep it fairly classy.  I'm just going to go with a rustic, kind of lodge, vibe."


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