Today is Friday May 30, 2014



Here's How Huge the Markup is on Movie Theater Food


HIGHLIGHTS:  Movie theater food is OBSCENELY overpriced . . . here's exactly how much.  A large popcorn that sells for about $8.15 costs them just 90 cents . . . and a large soda that sells for about $6.31 costs them 51 cents.


You're Storing About $2,800 Worth of Stuff in Your Garage


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new study, the average family is storing almost $2,800 worth of stuff in their garage.  And HALF of us have SO much stuff in the garage, there's no room to PARK any more.


Wearing Perfume Makes People Think You're Better Looking


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study has found that when women wear perfume, people rate their faces as more attractive.  The researchers say it's because the way the brain processes someone's odor is connected to the way it processes someone's looks.


Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is Buying the L.A. Clippers


The Sterling family reached a deal yesterday to sell the L.A. Clippers to former Microsoft CEO STEVE BALLMER for $2 BILLION.  And even though Ballmer has deep ties to Seattle, he has reportedly agreed NOT to move the team there.


Luke Bryan is "People's" Sexiest Man in Country Music


HIGHLIGHTS: "People" magazine chose LUKE BRYAN as this year's sexiest man in country music.  Others on the list include Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw, Hunter Hayes and Blake Shelton.  Luke says, quote, "It's flattering, it's awesome.  I'm a lot better looking than Blake.  He's going to have to pluck his eyebrows a bit . . . his eyebrows cost him this.  I have perfect eyebrows."


A Cop Pulled Over a Car Advertising Toby Keith's Signature Tequila . . . to Tell The Driver He Entered Toby's "Drinks After Work" Contest


HIGHLIGHTS:  A vehicle wrapped with the logo of TOBY KEITH'S signature tequila got pulled over by a cop, even though the driver did nothing wrong.  The officer just wanted to let him know he'd entered Toby's "Drinks After Work" contest.


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