Today is Wednesday June 11, 2014 Can Now Use Photos of Your Ex to Find You a Lookalike


HIGHLIGHTS: is introducing a new feature where you upload photos of your ex . . . and they use facial recognition to fix you up with a lookalike.  They say, quote, "People have a type and it's not necessarily about height or race . . . but about face shape."  The service is only available with premium memberships though . . . and those cost $5,000 for a six-month package.


Waffle House Wouldn't Let a Waitress Have a $1,000 Tip . . . So the Customer Gave It to Her Directly


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 26-year-old waitress at a Waffle House in North Carolina got a $1,000 tip last month, but they wouldn't let her have it . . . their policy is to automatically refund big tips on credit cards in case the person challenges it later on.  But after the "Charlotte Observer" covered the story, the customer found out what happened and wrote her a check directly.


[NEW] How to Become a Millionaire By Age 30


HIGHLIGHTS:  Supposedly you can become a millionaire by age 30.  Just follow these steps?  Don't waste money on showing off . . . never save money except to invest it . . . avoid debt that doesn't pay for itself . . . work around the clock . . . and get a millionaire mentor.


Brad Paisley Encourages His Concert Fans to Record His Shows


HIGHLIGHTS:  BRAD PAISLEY encourages his audiences to record his shows with their cell phones.  He says, quote, "I want to see it.  Get good audio if you can.  Your videos are a memory, something you can have, and what an amazing experience."


Chris Young's Stitched-Up Hand Will Be In a Cast for Six Weeks


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here's an update on CHRIS YOUNG'S condition from last week's freak accident where he cut his hand with a kitchen knife.  He's had two surgeries, "a lot" of stitches, and he'll be in a cast for six weeks.  But the news isn't all bad.  He can still move his fingers and he's planning to perform this weekend.


Eight Ways to Outsmart a Salesperson


HIGHLIGHTS:  You can outsmart salespeople if you know their tricks ahead of time.  Buy what you want and leave the accessories behind . . . don't let them stroke your ego . . . know a lie when you hear it . . . never leave and then come back . . . and don't let them disapprove of whatever you're using now.


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