Today is Friday June 27, 2014



A Bear Falls Through a Skylight at a Birthday Party, and Eats All the Cupcakes


HIGHLIGHTS:  A couple in Juneau, Alaska were setting up for their kid's birthday party on Wednesday . . . when a BEAR crashed through their skylight, landed three feet from them, and started eating all the CUPCAKES.  They eventually got it out of the house by opening a back door and YELLING at it.


The City With the Best Looking People in America Is . . . Stockton, California?


HIGHLIGHTS:  The city with the best-looking people in America is . . . Stockton, California?  It's based on a study by the app Hot or Not . . . Stockton's men were ranked fifth hottest in the country, and Stockton's women were ranked number ONE.


Two Guys Threw Out a Million-Dollar Lottery Ticket . . . Now They're Suing to Get the Money


HIGHLIGHTS:  Two guys bought a Powerball ticket in New Jersey last year that won a million dollars.  But when they checked the Powerball website right after the drawing, it hadn't updated . . . so they thought they lost and threw the ticket away.  Now they're suing for the $1 million, and say they can prove they had the winning ticket.


Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested After Disrupting a Broadway Play


HIGHLIGHTS:  SHIA LABEOUF was ARRESTED for being disorderly and disruptive at a Broadway play last night.  At the police station, he threatened to "[Eff] up" the cops, and even called one of them a homophobic slur.  And he started spitting, so they had to put a mask on him.


Rascal Flatts Found It "Scary" To Have a Two-Year Drought Between Number One Songs


HIGHLIGHTS:  RASCAL FLATTS was relieved when "Rewind" topped the country singles chart back in May . . . because it'd been two years since their last #1.  Bassist JAY DEMARCUS said, quote, "There was a weight lifted off of our shoulders that we were still capable of putting out singles that could rise to the top.  Spending that much time away from radio is scary."


Lee Brice Is Recording a Gospel Album . . . With His Mom


HIGHLIGHTS:  LEE BRICE is heading into the studio next month to record a gospel album with members of his family.  He says, quote, "My mom and her sisters sang gospel music my whole life.  I'm going to send a tour bus to pick them all up and I'm going to make a record with them.  We're going to sing classic gospel songs and have them sing in the background."


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