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Here's When You're Too Old to Get a New Tattoo, Use Emoticons, Wear Miniskirts, Have a Ponytail, and More


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a survey, you're too old to use emoticons in text messages if you're over 26 . . . too old to wear a miniskirt if you're over 27 . . . too old to rock a ponytail if you're over 29 . . . too old to get a new tattoo after 31 . . . too old to wear high heels after age 34 . . . and too old to wear a bikini if you're over 48.


[NEW] Ten Things Not to Buy at the Grocery Store


HIGHLIGHTS:  You can save a lot of money by NOT buying certain things at the grocery store.  So stay away from salad dressing, greeting cards, name brand spices, pre-made flower bouquets, party supplies, batteries, bottled water, and diapers.

FULL STORY:  These days a family of four spends up to $300 a week on groceries, according to government surveys.  But you can save a LOT of money by NOT buying certain things at the grocery store.  Start with these ten . . . 

1.  Salad dressing.  You can make a vinaigrette at home in less than a minute, by combining one part vinegar and three parts oil, then adding salt and pepper.  Save calories, money, and most of the space on the inside of your refrigerator door.

2.  Gift cards.  You do it because you forgot to buy a gift and you're in a hurry.  But the activation fees are $5 or more, even for a $50 card.  You can get a gift card to the store itself with no activation fees.

3.  Greeting cards.  You spend $4 on one card and it's corny.  You could buy 50 blank cards and envelopes from Amazon for $7, and write your own messages.

4.  Name brand spices.  Too expensive, and most people can't tell the difference.  Get bulk spices from a health food store, or grow your own herbs in a window planter.

5.  Flowers.  The pre-made bouquets tend to wilt quickly, and they're filled with a lot of greenery and not enough actual flowers.  You can save money by buying single flowers and making your own arrangement.

6.  Party supplies.  Just get them at the dollar store.  You'll pay less than half as much, and they might even have a better selection.

7.  Lunchables.  They're REALLY unhealthy, especially the pepperoni pizza kind.  It takes almost no time in the morning to make a sandwich for a school lunch.  There's no reason to pay lots of money AND sacrifice your kids' health, just to save a few minutes.

8.  Batteries. Groceries make them extra-expensive because they know you never think to buy them until you need them.  You get a much better deal buying in bulk at Costco, or using rechargeables.

9.  Bottled water.  It's usually no safer than tap water, and it costs 1,000 times more.  If you don't like the taste of tap water, get a Brita or a filter for your faucet.  Then use stainless steel water bottles and keep refilling them.

10.  Diapers.  Again, there's a big markup because you usually don't buy them until you're out.  Buy in bulk from Amazon or Costco, and save a lot of money.

(Yahoo! Finance)


Most of Us Would Rather Work with People We Like Than Get a Raise


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, there are three things more important at work than how much you make:  How long your commute is . . . whether or not you ENJOY your job . . . and whether you like your co-workers.  In fact, 80% of us would rather work with people we like than get a raise.


A Guy Is Suing ESPN For Making Fun of Him When He Fell Asleep at a Yankees Game


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 26-year-old guy went to a Yankees game in April and FELL ASLEEP.  And when the ESPN cameras caught him, the commentators made fun of him a little bit.  So now he's SUING them AND Major League Baseball for $10 million.


Kip Moore's Hometown Is Putting Up Road Signs In His Honor

July 19th will be a big day for KIP MOORE.  That's when his hometown of Tifton, Georgia is unveiling several roadside signs that say, "Welcome to Tifton, Hometown of Country Music Artist Kip Moore." 

They'll be on four different highways leading in and out of the city.  It's bringing up fond memories for Kip.  He says, quote, "Growing up in south Georgia, the way of life, it's embedded in me.  I draw a lot from those memories." 

(Tifton Gazette)


Brett Eldredge Will Never Get Tired of Hearing He Has a Number One Song


BRETT ELDREDGE is loving that his debut album "Bring You Back" has produced two hit songs, "Beat Of The Music" and "Don't Ya".  He says, quote, "It's awesome to have ONE number one, but now there's a second.  

"I will never get tired of hearing that I have a number one song . . . or a number ten song, for that matter.  I grew up listening to them, and to be one of the people who is on the chart . . . that's the craziest feeling in the world."


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