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The Ten Most Relaxing Sounds in the World . . . and Sizzling Bacon is Number One


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey found the most relaxing noise in the world is . . . sizzling bacon.  The rest of the top five are:  The opening notes of your favorite TV show's theme song . . . wine "glugging" into a glass . . . a beer can opening . . . and a barbecue crackling.


The Top 10 Movies You Can Watch Over and Over Again


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a British study, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is the most popular movie to watch over and over again.  It's followed by "Star Wars", "Back to the Future", "Home Alone" and "E.T."

FULL STORY:  According to a British study, people watch their favorite movie an average of 29 times throughout their lifetimes.  And the most popular movie to watch over and over again is "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Here's the Top 10 . . .

1.  "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

2.  "Star Wars"

3.  "Back to the Future"

4.  "Home Alone"

5.  "E.T."

6.  "Jaws"

7.  "Jurassic Park"

8.  "Independence Day"

9.  "Titanic"

10.  "Alien"


(Daily Mail)


A Woman Takes Off Her Prosthetic Leg on a Flight and Uses It to Attack the Flight Attendants


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 48-year-old woman on a flight from Tunisia to Scotland got drunk and freaked out Wednesday night.  She screamed that she wanted either cigarettes or a parachute . . . and when flight attendants wouldn't give her either, she took off her PROSTHETIC LEG and attacked them with it.  The plane made an emergency landing in London and she was arrested.


Leonardo DiCaprio Cheered for Orlando Bloom When He Went After Justin Bieber . . . While Lindsay Lohan Tried to Calm Things Down


HIGHLIGHTS:  The woman who filmed the confrontation between ORLANDO BLOOM and JUSTIN BIEBER says Justin was definitely the instigator, because he said something to provoke Orlando.  She adds that LEONARDO DICAPRIO was one of the people at the restaurant who cheered Orlando on, while LINDSAY LOHAN tried to calm Justin down.


A Guy Crashes Into an Abandoned House, and Dies When Rescuers Can't Get to Him . . . Because It's Filled with Angry Bees


HIGHLIGHTS:  On Wednesday, a 54-year-old man in St. Charles, Michigan crashed through the wall of an abandoned house.  Apparently he'd passed out at the wheel.  And he died when rescuers couldn't get to him . . . because the house was filled with angry BEES.  It's not clear if the bees played a role in his death or not.


Dierks Bentley Studied Thousands of Song Lyrics While Learning How to Write


HIGHLIGHTS:  DIERKS BENTLEY learned songwriting by copying down other writers' lyrics, and then studying the hell out of them.  He says, quote, "I have books and books at my house, notepads, front and back.  I'd just fill both sides of these yellow legal pads.  I was trying to learn the craft."


Joe Nichols Once Lied to Impress a Girl . . . Just Like in His Song "Yeah"


HIGHLIGHTS: JOE NICHOLS admits that he once lied to a girl, just like in his song "Yeah".  He says, quote, "I dated a girl that introduced me to this band that was awful, but she was beautiful.  So I was like, 'Aw, yeah, this is a great band.  Great songs.'  But deep down I was like, 'This is terrible!  It sucks.'"


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