Today is Wednesday June 25, 2014



The Trick to Making a Smart Life-Changing Decision is the "10-10-10" Rule


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here's a trick you can use to make a tough decision:  It's the "10-10-10 Rule."  You look at the possible solutions and answer three questions:  What are the consequences of the decision in 10 minutes?  What about in 10 months?  And finally, in 10 years?  Supposedly it helps you make the decision logically, instead of emotionally.


And Now, Three New Things to Worry About


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are three new things for you to worry about.  54% of women quit a diet after they see a photo of a celebrity in a bikini, because they feel like they'll never measure up.  Drugs that stop BALDING can cause sexual dysfunction about 2% of the time.  And women who have four or more kids double their risk of heart disease.


The Newest Awful Flavor of Oreos . . . Limeade Oreos


I'm not sure what's going on at Nabisco, but maybe they should just leave Oreos alone.  They've come out with a ton of limited-edition flavors in the past few years, and while some are awesome . . . like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreos . . . some are not.

These are definitely not.  The newest limited-edition Oreos are LIMEADE OREOS.  It looks like they're two vanilla Oreo cookies with some vile green lime filling in between.  They should be in stores for the summer . . . but will anyone buy them?


A Burglar Got Busted After He Logged Into Facebook On a Victim's Computer . . . And Forgot To Log Out


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 26-year-old guy in Minnesota broke into a house last week, stole some cash and credit cards, and logged into Facebook on a computer while he was there . . . but he forgot to log out.  So when the victim got home, he passed along the guy's info to the cops, and they arrested him.  He's facing up to 10 years in prison.


Willie Nelson Believes "Money" is the Reason Marijuana Was Legalized in Colorado and Washington


HIGHLIGHTS:  WILLIE NELSON was asked for his take on why Colorado and Washington FINALLY legalized marijuana.  He said, quote, "One word:  Money.  There's a lot of money in selling marijuana.  If you can do it legally, that's good.  Why should all the criminals make the money?"


Thomas Rhett Credits Hip Hop for Teaching Him How to Groove


HIGHLIGHTS:  You can thank hip hop for teaching THOMAS RHETT how to groove.  He says, quote, "I think that the biggest thing that hip hop did for me was teach me how to groove a little bit.  It also taught me how to write country lyrics over a hip hoppy beat.  It brings life and some fun and energy to a show and to a record."


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