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58% of Employers Have Caught a Lie on a Resume . . . Here Are the Seven Most Common Lies


HIGHLIGHTS:  58% of employers say they've caught someone lying on a resume.  And the most common lies people tell are embellishing their skill set . . . exaggerating their responsibilities . . . and fudging their employment dates.


[NEW] Six Things Guys Think Are Romantic . . . But Aren't


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here are some things guys THINK are romantic, but AREN'T:  Fighting over you . . . public proposals . . . buying a gift that requires some kind of commitment, like a puppy . . . scaring you . . . and tickle fights.


The Most Important Personality Trait in Dating is . . . a Good Sense of Humor


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, men and women both say the most important trait they look for when they're dating is . . . a good sense of humor.  Being good with money is the second most important trait, according to WOMEN.  And being GOOD LOOKING ranked second for men.


We Spend More Time on Facebook and YouTube Than We Do Sleeping


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study found the average person now spends more time messing with their phone, tablet, and computer than they do sleeping.  We spend eight hours and 41 minutes using technology . . . and eight hours and 21 minutes sleeping.


Tim McGraw Has "Settled the Matter" with the Woman He Smacked For Ripping His Jeans


HIGHLIGHTS: TIM MCGRAW reached out to the woman he smacked for ripping his jeans at a concert last month.  They released this joint statement yesterday:  Quote, "The matter between Tim McGraw and Jesslyn Taylor stemming from an Atlanta concert has been mutually resolved the old-fashioned way . . . with a simple conversation."


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