Today is Tuesday July 22, 2014



Toyota Put a Microphone in Their New Minivan to Help You Yell at Your Kids


HIGHLIGHTS:  Toyota just announced a new option in their 2015 Sienna minivan.  You can get an optional MICROPHONE in the driver's seat that amplifies your voice through the speakers in the backseat . . . to make it easier to yell at your kids.


New Photo Trend Alert: 'Fakecationing' . . . Where You Take Fake Vacation Photos in Front of Pictures of Exotic Places


HIGHLIGHTS:  Here's a new photo trend going around online.  People are taking FAKE vacation photos in exotic places, and passing them off as real.  The main technique is to put a picture of a vacation spot up on your TV or computer screen . . . then pose in front of it so it looks like you're there.


Should We Have a Three-Day Work Week? The World's Second-Richest Person Says Yes


HIGHLIGHTS:  CARLOS "SLIM" HELU is the second-richest person in the world . . . he's a Mexican businessman worth $80.3 billion.  And he says the future of work is a THREE-DAY work week with a four-day weekend.  The catch is you'd work 11-hour days and only retire when you're 70 or 75.


A Jail Goes Back to Black-and-White Striped Jumpsuits . . . Because "Orange Is the New Black" Made Orange Ones Cool


HIGHLIGHTS:  A county jail in Michigan is going back to those old-fashioned black-and-white striped jumpsuits . . . because "Orange Is the New Black" made the orange ones seem cool.  The sheriff is afraid non-inmates are wearing orange jumpsuits now, so when inmates do work in public, it's easier for them to blend in and escape.


Robert Downey Jr. Is the Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood for the Second Straight Year


HIGHLIGHTS:  For the second straight year, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. tops's annual list of "The Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood."  He reportedly raked in $75 million over the past 12 months.  THE ROCK is second with an estimated take of $52 million.


Babies Are Photographed 780 Times Before Their First Birthday


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey found the average baby is photographed 780 TIMES before their first birthday . . . an average of about twice a day.  And the five situations where we take too many photos are immediately after they're born . . . the first time we're in bed with them . . . the first time they smile . . . their first bath . . . and the first time they meet their grandparents.


Tim McGraw Says It Was "Instinctive Reaction" to Smack the Woman Who Grabbed and Ripped His Jeans


HIGHLIGHTS:  TIM MCGRAW has made his first comments about the woman he swatted for ripping his jeans at his show in Atlanta.  He says, quote, "It happened in a split second, it was pure instinctive reaction.  Nobody feels good about it, but there's nothing that could be done about it."


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