Today is Friday July 18, 2014



Now You Can Buy a "Selfie Toaster" . . . It Burns Your Face Into Every Piece of Toast


HIGHLIGHTS:  There's a company in Vermont selling a SELFIE TOASTER . . . it burns an image of your face into every piece of toast.  You just send them a photo and $75, and they send you your customized toaster.


The Top 10 Things on People's Bucket Lists


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey asked people to name the top things on their bucket list.  The top five are:  Having a vacation home abroad . . . learning a new language . . . going on an exotic island vacation . . . buying a house . . . and swimming with dolphins.

FULL STORY:  Putting together a bucket list is kind of a sad exercise . . . it makes you realize all the stuff you WON'T ever really do, and makes you think about your own mortality.  But looking at OTHER people's bucket lists?  Why not!  Let's do it.

A new survey asked people to name their top bucket list items.  Here's the top 10 .

1.  Have a vacation home abroad.

2.  Learn a new language.

3.  Go on an exotic island vacation.

4.  Buy a house.

5.  Swim with dolphins.

6.  Drive Route 66.

7.  Ride in a hot air balloon.

8.  Visit the great pyramids.

9.  Go to Vegas.

10.  Visit Venice, Italy.


Florida Is the Scariest State in America . . . Based on Everything From Natural Disasters to Clowns


HIGHLIGHTS:  A real estate blog just ranked the 50 states by how SCARY they are . . . using everything from natural disasters and the murder rate, to the number of clowns and dentists.  Florida is the scariest state, Georgia is second, and Texas is third.  North and South Dakota are the LEAST scary states.


Half of Us Would Keep Working If We Won the Lottery . . . 30% Would Keep Working at the Same Job


HIGHLIGHTS:  If you won the lottery, would you keep working?  51% of Americans say YES . . . and 30% would stay at their current job.  Of the people who would quit if they won the lottery, 3% would go out in a blaze of glory and yell at their boss.


Do You Flush the Toilet in Public Bathrooms With Your Foot?


HIGHLIGHTS:  Do you flush the toilet in a public bathroom with your FOOT so you don't have to touch the handle?  In a new survey, just over HALF of Americans said yes.  The survey also found that 42% of us use paper towels to open the door when we leave a public bathroom.


A Malaysian Airlines Flight Was Shot Down Over the Ukraine With a Surface-to-Air Missile, Killing All 298 People On Board


HIGHLIGHTS:  A Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia was shot down over the Ukraine with a surface-to-air missile yesterday, killing all 298 people on board.  It's not official yet, but apparently it was shot down by pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine, who thought it was a Ukrainian military transport.


Tim McGraw Slapped A Female Fan Who Ripped His Jeans


HIGHLIGHTS:  TIM MCGRAW smacked a woman who grabbed him while he was performing Sunday in Atlanta.  He was mixing it up with the crowd when she got her hands on the preexisting hole in his jeans and ripped them more.  He quickly brushed her hand away and then slapped the top of her head. 


Brett Eldredge Kept His Promise and Swam With the Sharks After "Beat Of The Music" Hit #1


HIGHLIGHTS:  BRETT ELDREDGE kept his promise and swam with the sharks after his song "Beat Of The Music" went to #1 on the country airplay chart.  And he didn't hide in a cage.  He told "People", quote, "Our dive was to a beautiful old shipwreck, and sharks were everywhere.  The people who ran it told us the sharks are curious and would be swimming all around, but respect them and be smart and we'd be fine.  I decided right away to be smart!"


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