Today is Tuesday June 3, 2014



Science Says Blondes Aren't Actually Dumber


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study says blondes actually AREN'T dumber than anyone else.  Researchers found that hair color is determined by just one single letter in your genetic code . . . and it's not connected to ANY other traits.


Your Dad Wants Time with You on Father's Day . . . Or a Gift Card


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, there's a tie when it comes to what dads want most for Father's Day . . . gift cards, and spending quality time with you.  Also, 20% of us think it's fine just to send a TEXT MESSAGE on Father's Day.  And the average Father's Day present costs $61, compared to $68 for Mother's Day.


A Guy Steals a GPS, Then Calls the Cops When He Gets Lost


HIGHLIGHTS:  A 24-year-old in Florida broke into a house last week and stole some stuff, including a GPS device.  But as he was running away, he got LOST . . . and had to call the cops for help.  He was arrested.


A Family in Beeville, Texas Was Attacked by Bees


HIGHLIGHTS:  There's a family in Beeville, Texas . . . which is in Bee County, Texas . . . that was just attacked by BEES.  They were clearing some brush when a massive swarm of bees attacked them.  It took 15 firefighters and nine cops to get the bees off them.  All of them took a TON of bee stings but they're all going to be okay.


Travis Tritt Accused Brantley Gilbert of Disrespecting Him


HIGHLIGHTS:  TRAVIS TRITT was not happy with the amount of space he was given to perform his show on Saturday . . . so he called out headliner BRANTLEY GILBERT for only leaving him with eight feet.  He Tweeted that the stage setup was disrespectful . . . and that whenever HE was headlining, he always personally made sure that his opening act had all the stage space they needed.


Keith Urban Ignores the Tabloid Lies About His Marriage to Nicole Kidman


HIGHLIGHTS:  KEITH URBAN deals with the tabloid lies about his marriage to NICOLE KIDMAN . . . by ignoring them.  He says, quote, "The people who really know us [say], 'How do you not want to defend that?'  I'm like, 'It's pointless.'  Our life will be our way of defending it."


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