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"Doritos Roulette" . . . a Bag of Doritos Where One Out of Seven Chips Is Incredibly Spicy


The people at Frito-Lay have managed to turn eating Doritos into a game.  And NOT just a game of, "Let's see how chubby I can get."

Right now there's a special limited-edition line of Doritos in Canada called Doritos Roulette.  And they've got a hell of a gimmick:  Six out of every seven chips are normal Doritos . . . one out of seven LOOKS normal but is actually incredibly spicy. 

There's no word on if or when these might come to the U.S. 


Your Grumpy Co-Workers Are Better at Their Job Than You


HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new study, people who have a positive outlook at work tend to spend their time on a wider variety of different tasks.  Which SOUNDS like a good thing.  But because people who are grumpy focus on fewer tasks, they do a better job at them.  And they're also more likely to become an EXPERT in their field.


A Robber Pulls a Gun and Says "Bet You Don't Have One of These" . . . But the Victim Did


HIGHLIGHTS:  A robber tried to mug a guy in a Motel 6 parking lot in Mississippi on Friday . . . and when he pulled a gun he said, quote, "I bet you don't have one of these."  But the guy DID have a gun, pulled it out, and SHOT him in the chest.  The robber was hospitalized . . . and the guy who shot him isn't facing any charges.


Kip Moore Is Furious with Ticket Scalpers


HIGHLIGHTS:  KIP MOORE posted a Facebook rant about scalpers who bought pre-sale tickets to his tour.  He wrote, "To those of you scalping.  I understand doing what you can to make a dollar.  But there are ethical ways of doing that.  Twist it however you want to make it to seem like what you’re doing is ok, but it's not."


Little Big Town Found the Good and the Bad of Reading Twitter Comments


LITTLE BIG TOWN discovered that Twitter can be a great tool, as well as a horrible place where COWARDS lurk.  On the positive side, JIMI WESTBROOK said it was an "incredibly exciting" Twitter response that convinced them to release "Day Drinking".

But KAREN FAIRCHILD made the mistake of reading comments.  She told, quote, "I posted a really cool picture of the four of us in the shadows.  Then a fan said, 'That brunette shouldn't turn that way.  Her nose is horrible.'  

"I thought, 'Wow.  Do they not know we're human beings?'"


Brad Paisley Biggest Influences Include Buck Owens and Huey Lewis and the News


"Rolling Stone" asked BRAD PAISLEY about his biggest influences.  His favorite country album is BUCK OWENS' 1996 live set "Carnegie Hall Concert"

He said, quote, "The greatest band in country music at their height, playing live in front of an audience that didn't know what to think of them."

And his most UNLIKELY influence is HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS.  He says, quote, "You look back at his music and it's awesome R&B.  And it's so close to country.  You think about 'Workin' for a Livin' . . . that's a steel guitar away from country."


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