The Daily Trend: The Bachelor, James Franco and Shonda Rhimes

The Daily Trend

SPOILER ALERT!: The Bachelor Week Two Recap


Becca gets the ultimate 'Pretty Woman' Date... Wined and dined and given designer gowns and Krystal visited Arie's hometown of Scottsdale, AZ and met his family. Both received roses.. Of course. 

Krystal later interrupted others' alone time, after already receiving a rose, at the group date and burnt a few bridges. I think we might have our season villain. 

Chelsea, possibly intentionally, flew under the radar this week after her incident on week one where she aggressively grabbed the first impression rose

James Franco Accused Via Twitter


James Franco came under attack just moments after receiving the Golden Globe for "The Disaster Artist." a few women took to Twitter to release statements saying Franco "exploited" and sexually assaulted them and was "sexually inappropriate."  

Paley tweeted, "Cute #TimesUp pin James Franco. Remember the time you pushed my head down in a car towards your exposed penis & that other time you told my friend to come to your hotel when she was 17? After you had already been caught doing that to a different 17 year old?" 

Another woman, a student from his acting school, accused him of exploiting her, refusing speaking parts if her scenes did not involve nudity, and that "I 100% did not feel like I had a choice to say no."

This is not the first time Franco has been accused of these type of interactions.


Shonda Rhimes Takes On Netflix

Courtesy of ABC

Shonda Rhimes scored a $100 million dollar producing deal with Netflix. She ensured Grey's Anatomy  fans that this will not affect the show, or any of her ABC shows such as "How To Get Away With Murder" and "Scandal." This just means that moving forward all her shows will be on Netflix. 

When asked what the Netflix deal would mean for a potential third spin-off from she said that right now five shows seems like enough. But don't forget their is, already, a 10-episode Grey's Anatomy spin-off in the works. It is set in Seattle-and will involve firefighters in their personal and professional lives. 


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