The Daily Trend: Weinstein, Logan Paul and Michael Wolff's New Book

The Daily Trend

Weinstein's Wife is One Step Closer to Divorce

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Georgina Chapman is getting closer to her divorce from movie producer Harvey Weinstein. It is being reported that the two have reached a divorce settlement. 

It is said that she will walk away with approximately $15-20 million. Since their 10 year anniversary was last month, her spousal support will increase to $400,000 annually. 

Over 80 women have made allegations against Weinstein for sexual harassment, misconduct and assault. 

YouTube Reaches a Decision in Logan Paul Incident 

(Photo by Phil McCarten/Invision/AP, File)

Logan Paul, one of YouTube most popular creators, is having to face the music today. YouTube has decided to remove Paul's channels from its platform. This comes in reaction to the video Paul posted of a corpse hanging from a tree in Japan's suicide forest. 

Logan Paul had over 20 million followers on his YouTube channels. He was to appear in the YouTube original movie 'The Thinning: new World Order,' which has now been placed on hold. Paul stated that he did not do it for the views and apologized. 

Michael Wolff's New Book, 'Fire and Fury'


The new book written by Michael Wolff, 'Fire and Fury,' has debuted at No.1 on The New York Times' best sellers list. 

Excerpts from the book were release about a week ago and many efforts/threats have been made by President Trump's personal attorneys to stop the publication of this book. 

The demand for Wolff's new book is so high that retailers, such as Amazon, are reporting a 2-4 delay in delivery of the book. 


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