The Daily Trend: Kylie Jenner, Harvey Weinstein and The Four!

The Daily Trend

Kylie Jenner Going at Pregnancy Alone?

(Kylie Jenner/ Facebook)

Kylie Jenner rumors have been circulating ever since she went into hiding this past September. 

(Splash News)

The rumors are flying more so lately as her apparent due date approaches. Sources are reporting that she is taking Lamaze classes at home, via internet, ALONE!Travis Scott has been touring the entire pregnancy and has not been sited at Kylie's home recently. 


Other sources are also saying that the photo and video that surfaced just days ago was Kylie, her friend and mother, Kris Jenner, looking a the construction of a potential site for a compound. 

Kylie was also photographed for a Calvin Klein ad with her sisters. She covered her stomach with a blanket in the photos and sisters Khloe helped conceal the baby bump as well. 

Recent rumors also suggest that she may have already given birth, but after viewing the video earlier this week we think she is still pregnant. 

Harvey Weinstein Is at It Again


Harvey Weinstein's former assistant has filed a law suit against him, stating that he made her clean up after his sexual encounters. The suit list multiple job tasks that you wouldn't normally find in an assistants job description. 

Weinstein's ex- employee stated that he had her clean up sperm off his office couch, buy lingerie, handle contact with his partners, prep apartments for sexual interactions, stock his erectile dysfunction injections as well as talk to her and with using sexist and sexual language. 

Weinsteins ex-assistant also listed that he would make her talk with him while he was naked and would put his hands on her thighs.

 She was employed by Weinstein from 2013- February 2015 when she quit.

The Four: The Battle For Stardom Week 4


Last night's episode of The Four: The Battle For Stardom ended with Kendyle Paige being the victor!

Kendyle took on Zhavia and as Diddy said, she "slayed the dragon." Judge Meghan Trainor busted into tears over the results and had to leave the stage, but not before having a little tiff with judge Diddy who steamrolled her when she tried to speak. 

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Don't forget to watch next weeks episode of The Four: The Battle For Stardom Thursday on Fox.



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