Keith Urban Talks Dinner Parties, Nicole and ‘Aquaman’

Friday night movie nights are universal, even including Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s household.

During a recent sit-down with Cody Alan, Keith told Cody that they had just come off a total family party bender. “There was like 7 kids there and pizza, and it was crazy... A good kind of chaotic.”

Keith continued to share that this has become a weekly family tradition.

“We have a thing every week called, ‘Friday Night Movie Night’ and the kids have pizza and choose a movie, and there’s no school the next day, so they get to stay up a bit later.”

Speaking of movies, Cody recently watched Kidman’s film, ‘Aquaman’ in theaters. “It’s so good! She is so perfect!

Keith agreed and shared a movie screening moment that couldn’t be replicated. “When we went to see the premiere of that, Jason Maomao sat in front of us, and it was the greatest moment when he was like, duking it out with the bad guys and was winning. He just threw his fists in the air and screamed WHOOOO!” Keith laughed, “The whole theater erupted.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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