Paris Hilton's Ex, Chris Zylka, Covers Up Her Name Tattoo with a Gorilla



Paris Hiltonbody art is a thing of the past for her ex-fiance, who replaced a tattoo of her name with something more primal ... or at least, primate.

Chris Zylka-- who wasengaged to Parisfor about 10 months or so last year -- popped into Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop in Markham, Ontario Sunday for a big project ... covering up his Disney-themed "Paris" tat that was spread across the bulk of his left forearm.

We're told Chris -- who's up north shooting a new Netflix show -- explained to the parlor artists that he wanted to cover up his "Paris" ink before he finishes his shoot by the end of the week ... while also admitting it was time for him to ditch the tat.


Welp, they definitely got the job done -- and in record time too, it seems. Chris' arm, which also featured a lion tat, now has a full-blown gorilla on it ... with leaves, for added effect.

Our sources say the work took about 6 hours total to complete, and that for this type of detailed tat ... it can run folks upwards of $1,300. It's unclear if Chris paid that though.

As for why he opted for an ape -- we're told it's because Chris felt it's a nice, peaceful animal, and his favorite one as well. RIP to that lion (and Disney "Paris" for that matter ) ... those tats are long gone from his arm now.

Chris and Paris have been over for nearly a year now. Theysplit upback in November -- making it the heiress' 2nd failed engagement. Chris seems happy though!!!


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