Dierks Bentley On Being A 'Working Dad'

Juggling a career and children is challenging for any working parent.

In a recent interview, "dad chat" led Cody Alan and Dierks Bentley to discuss the challenges associated with raising a family and chasing professional dreams. It's a subject that Cody and Dierks can both easily relate to.

"When did you realize it was both hard to be a dad and a traveling music superstar?" asks Cody.

"I realized that not long after I got married," says Dierks. "It's like, I fell madly in love with my wife, and then the next year, I was on the road 300 days or something. It was a little bit of a shock for both of us. You kind of forget about the "nuts and bolts" of what makes us go around. And, it's on a bus, rubber to the road."

"So, I made that adjustment with her, but then when you have kids, they don't really understand," Dierks shared candidly. "You can't communicate with them. So that's when it really sets in."

Dierks, a father of three, and Cody, a father of two, have worked diligently to put their family first while working dad. It's a tough subject and a delicate balance that many entertainers have to navigate.  

"I've heard other artists in the past talk about how hard it is to have kids and tour," adds Dierks. "I was always like, "Yeah. Whatever. Toughen up," he jokes. "All of those songs that you skip over on the radio, Darius Rucker "It Won't Be Like This For Long." Trace Atkins' "Your Gonna Miss This." All of those songs that you used to skip over, now I am just dying on the steering wheel over those songs."

Thanks to Instagram, we feel pretty confident that both Dierks and Cody are doing a great job as parents. See our top 8 adorable family moments by browsing the gallery below.

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