John Elliott
Join John each day Monday through Friday for Your Pod just after 3pm, the Country Rumble at 4pm, NASCAR Today at 4:30 and the Ride At 5 for your drive home. Plus the best country music between Dallas/Ft Worth and Austin. John has 32 years in the radio business, 16 at WACO-100. His first radio job was at KRQX in Dallas. You'll find John spending a lot of time at the H.O.T. Fairgrounds, as Rodeo and related functions are tops on his list of favorite past-times. John's Favorite Country Singer is George Jones. Join John for: "The Country Rumble", NASCAR Today, THe Ride At Five and lots more on your way home from work. John is WACO-100's Production Manager, and head cook and bottle washer for the WACO-100 BBQ cooking (beverage consumption) team. He also has a soft spot in his heart for animals. Especially horses and dogs.