'Deadliest Catch' recap: Captain Sig Hansen's chest pains lead to a diagnos

Northwestern ship skipper Sig Hansen learned if his heart would go on during Tuesday night's episode of "Deadliest Catch."

On last week's show, doctors in St. Paul Island, Alaska, recommended that Hansen take a Medevac plane to Anchorage for more comprehensive tests on his ticker.

The drama had unfolded for Hansen after he had felt chest pains during a stressful storm at sea.

As fans of the Discovery Channel show know, Hansen nearly died after suffering a heart attack last year and couldn't take any chances.

In St. Paul Island, Hansen's EKG test "came back inconclusive," his brother Edgar told the cameras. "They thought it might be the onset of another heart attack."

At the hospital in Anchorage, Sig got six hours of medical tests as his wife June worried.

The doctor said the stress test didn't look normal -- but there was good news.

"The heart looks like it's doing well," the physician said.

Hansen phoned his brother and said with relief, "I think it was a false alarm."

But Hansen's health problem means the Northwestern had to be docked; the Hansens had lost time and money.

Edgar thought he might have to take the wheel and leave without his captain brother.

But Hansen rushed back on a flight to St. Paul and elaborated more to Edgar, saying, "There was no sign of a heart attack happening." And Hansen got the usual advice: "Start taking care of yourself [and] it won't happen again."

Also on the episode, Sean Dwyer got angry when Wild Bill Wichrowski's son Zack Larson, whom he had hired to help him fish cod, bullied an older crew man.

Veteran fisherman Craig Leake had a rotator cuff injury which meant he didn't do the hard work the younger guys did on the deck of the Brenna A.

"Craig can't really do this job anymore. It's a young man's game out there," Larson sneered.

And another crew man said of Leake, "F--- that old guy." 

Larson even suggested to Leake that he should take a pay cut because he couldn't keep up with the others!

After Leake made an old school lasso to rope a pot, but failed to pull it up, Larson told the cameras he put a burden on the team: "He can't do the physical things."

Leake was mocked on the deck by Larson and the other young men.

Dwyer overheard Larson's bullying comments and felt they disrespected him as a captain, too.

The young skipper gathered everyone on deck and told them to stop.

He warned them not to "belittle a guy to get him to leave. That's not how things roll around here….it you don't see the big picture, that's an insult to me.

"Know your role, shut your hole," Dwyer said.

Larson's own father, Wichrowski, used to criticize his son at sea. And on the Tuesday episode, viewers also saw Wichrowski calling an older crew member an idiot on his boat -- the Sumer Bay.

Larson snarled at a producer to get lost -- but later, had a heart to heart with his boss Dwyer and admitted he'd been out of line.

"Don't become your father…the man you can't stand," Dwyer said.

Larson told Dwyer he was sorry for behaving badly.

He recalled his dad Wichrowski was often tough on his crew and sighed, "Here I'm doing it to someone else."

Zack apologized to Leake and the two shook hands.

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