JFK's Last Autograph 2 Hours Before Assassination Hits Auction Block

John F. Kennedy's last-known autograph -- signed hours before he was assassinated -- is going up for auction ... and it can be yours for a small fortune.

The folks over at Goldin Auctions are handling the incredibly rare and historical item ... JFK's John Hancock on a small, spiral bound notepad the president hastily signed before boarding Air Force One on the fateful morning of November 22, 1963.

You'll recall, the President was in Fort Worth giving a speech before he headed to Carswell Air Force Base ... where Air Force One was waiting to take him to Dallas. According toGoldin Auction, JFK took a pen outta his jacket and signed the notepad thrust towards him before a final wave goodbye.

You can see from this footage on YouTube, JFK does exactly that. It's quick, so pay close attention.

As you know ... JFK was assassinated byLee Harvey Oswald in Dallas as the President and First Lady were riding in the presidential limousine.

Check out the pics of the notepad ... you can see JFK's signature written in a red ballpoint pen with some light smudging below. It also features the owner's notes in pencil on the historical significance of the signature ... who claims it was signed around 10:25 AM -- 2 hours before Kennedy was fatally shot.

The auction begins Friday and ends May 11. The opening bid starts at $25k. Goldin expects the high bid to be at least $100k, and maybe more. 

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