A beautiful college sorority student President dies by suicide

I answered the phone call from my daughter Stephanie expecting to get an update on her latest apartment at school or maybe just a quick "Love You" as she's known to do in the middle of our busy days. Instead my "Hello" was followed by her wailing and sobbing through indistinguishable words. I could tell from the background noise on the call that she was in a car and my first concern was being that upset, she should not be operating anything, much less a car. Then I began to understand the heartbreaking news that Steph's very close friend and sorority President "sister" Kassie Boyce had just been found after taking her own life. Seniors at Salisbury University, Steph and Kassie have grown up together over recent years. Hearing the pain in Steph's voice, I can't imagine what the Boyce family is going through, so my prayers go out to them and all the proud and close knit Seagulls at Salisbury U.

I share this story because if this beautiful woman can hide her secret, this level of illness could strike anyone. Keep a close eye on your loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, everyone you know. I work with an organization called the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention and they are doing everything possible to advocate for families and people dealing with this pain. They are a great resource.

If you ever find yourself struggling or contemplating suicide, you are not alone, help is available.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Or Chat online anytime