Jason Aldean is having buyer's remorse after his $200,000 'impulse buy'

Jason Aldean confesses he made an impulsive car purchase this week. Up until now, he's only owned trucks, never a car. When he saw a Mercedes Benz AMG GT in flat gray paint, he went for it even thought the price tag is reportedly close to, if not over $200,000. He's a big star and he obviously can afford it but it sounds like he's having second thoughts. He says he's going back to the dealership and returning it. Do they really let you do that? Doesn't hurt to be Jason Aldean! Dang! Jason said "It's flat gray, it's pretty bad, but "I may actually return it next week. I've been feeling guilty ever since I bought it," he confesses.

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Here's a look at that car. I have to admit, it be hard to pass that car up if I could afford it like Jason Aldean! Of course I'd probably also need a new place to live because my wife would think I lost my mind! lol

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