Jason Aldean is breaking some BIG NEWS TODAY

Always loved this song from Bryan Adams but Jason now takes this to an even higher level....but even this ISN'T the BIG NEWS Jason has for all of us fans today. I'll tell you more after you hear here him singing "Heaven"

So here's the FIRST part of Jason's BIG NEWS today!

I will WORLD PREMIER Jason's NEW COUNTRY tomorrow!!! He's dropping a brand new song, no one has heard yet and we'll play it at the beginning of every hour starting TOMORROW MORNING!

The last part of Jason's BIG NEWS today concerns WHO he's singing this new country with? Wanna guess who it is? Here's an ENORMOUS CLUE! Look who just re-tweeted Jason!!!!!!!! OMG right? I can't wait til tomorrow morning to hear it!! Woo-Hoo!

Want to hear a SNIPPET of the new track from Jason Aldean & MYSTERY STAR ?

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