Randoms-Most iconic Fashion statement of all time, Buy a Village, & More


  • Say Something Nice Day: We can definitely use some kindness right now.
  • Go Barefoot Day: It’s June 1st, time to ditch your shoes.


Does coronavirus have a "bored by" date? According to a new survey, kids are going to be completely bored by July 2nd. And 75% of parents surveyed said keeping their child entertained this summer will be a challenge. But on the positive side, 70% of parents said they are actually looking forward to having a slower summer so they can spend more time just hanging out with their kids. (SWNS)

Restaurant dining … under plexiglass …Parisian designer Christophe Gernig on thinks he has the perfect solution to getting people back to restaurants safely. He has created a chandelier-like plexiglass shield that hangs from the ceiling of restaurants over every guests’ seat. The Plex’Eat, as Christophe has named it, can be lowered over patrons’ heads to protect from spreading germs, but allows for enough room to eat and socialize with people around them. The design is already in production so look for it at a restaurant near you. (Food & Wine)


Thinking about a move? If you have an extra $7 million just lying around, you can buy an entire village in Sweden. That’s right – an entire village. According to Christie’s International Real Estate, the tiny village of Sätra Brunn, in Sala, Sweden, is now for sale. It’s located about 90 minutes from Stockholm, and there’s an added bonus – the town is a popular spa destination, thanks to its natural mineral spring. (Travel & Leisure)

What is the most iconic fashion statement of all time? According to a new British survey, it’s the mini skirt. That’s followed by the LBD (Little Black Dress), hot pants, jean jacket, and platform shoes. Others fashion statements on the list: shoulder pads, skinny jeans, crop tops, cowboy boots and tie dye T-shirts. (SWNS)

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