Randoms-Booze Delivery Up, 258 Year Old Brandy sells for Bug Bucks, & More!


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Drinking at home …Seems that even though bars and restaurants are starting to reopen, people seem pretty content to keep drinking at home. And liquor delivery services are probably happy about that too. Sales of booze surged when people started staying at home, and liquor delivery companies like Drizly are seeing business up by 400%. As one analyst put it, “Every night is Friday night for people.” (Bloomberg)

Speaking of booze …You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a decent bottle of cognac, but somebody just shelled out a whopping $146,000 for a bottle of the aged French brandy. "Aged" is quite the understatement. The bottle of Gautier cognac is a 1762 vintage -- as in 258 years old. The bottle, which is believed to be only one of three still remaining, was sold at a Sotheby's auction by an unknown bidder. Cheers! (Food & Wine)

From the mouths of dolls …Bratz Dolls released a statement about George Floyd’s death. On Sunday, they wrote on Instagram: "Our hearts break for George Floyd and the Black community. Bratz has always been and always will be about diversity and inclusivity. It is all of our responsibility to take a stand against racism, and we can't call ourselves inclusive while staying silent about these social injustices right in front of us." (Teen Vogue)

Maybe you shouldn’t friend your co-workers …A survey found that 39% of men admit to pleasuring themselves while looking at their co-workers’ selfies on social media. But it’s not just the guys. The survey revealed that 42% of women admitted to pleasuring themselves to pics of their co-workers on social media. (Your Tango)

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