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RANKED: Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, tradition, and meaningless debates over stupid things. This is one of them. Thrillist has gone to the time and trouble of ranking the most popular sides that people place on their holiday tables. Let the arguing commence.

14 Corn – It it’s on the cob, it might be ranked higher. Since it’s usually just slashed in a bowl, the bottom of the list it goes.

13 Green Beans – It’s the casserole that them more exciting. We’ll get to that later.

12 Glazed Carrots – Thanks to the sugar and butter, they were kept out of the cellar.

11 Roasted Root Vegetables – How did turnips and beets make it this high?

10 Rolls – They’re filler. Keep them at bay so you can focus on the real food.

9 Candied Yams/Sweet Potatoes – Pie without the crust.

8 Green Bean Casserole – Caveat…it must have fried onions, or it doesn’t count.

7 Cornbread – Better than rolls, but still filler…but awesome with honey butter.

6 Brussel Sprouts – If someone knows how to prepare them, they can be awesome. If they don’t…run.

5 Gravy – It masks crappy-tasting food, and it makes a dry turkey moist. What’s not to love?

4 Stuffing – You have to work pretty hard to mess up stuffing. It’s a can’t miss.

3 Cranberry Sauce – It makes every Thanksgiving side dish better.

2 Mac and Cheese – It’s not a staple of every Thanksgiving table, but it should be.

1 Mashed Potatoes – A universal favorite, and you can get creative by adding garlic, cheese,..even shrimp is awesome.

Source: Thrillist

[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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