Top 20 Best & Worst Things About Summer In Texas!

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Worst: Scalding Pavement 

On one of the many 100 degree days the ground can melt a cheap pair of flip flops and the heat radiating from below doubles the drain on your energy.

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Best: Blast of cold air when you walk into a store

Once you’ve ventured across the inferno of a parking lot, you make it to the door. Then you take that first step inside and the automatic air conditioning unit above the door blasts a refreshing few seconds of cold air onto you.

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Worst: Sweaty Clothes 

With the ever growing heat and humidity, you can soak a shirt/dress/tee in only a few minutes and that means multiple changes of clothes a day and more laundry.

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Best: Crawfish Boil 

On the weekends in early summer, have a crawfish boil. Have a seafood party, which can include boiled crawfish, crabs and shrimp all cooked with small red potatoes, corn-on-the-cob - and anything else you might want add to the pot, such as andouille, mushrooms and smoked sausage!

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Worst: 100 Degree Days

When the heat reaches insanely high levels, which happened more frequently over the past few years in Texas than we would like , you look for any and all methods of cooling down.

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Best: Impromptu Cooling Methods

Whether you are an adult stuffing yourself into an itty bitty pool meant for toddlers or the typical sticking your head in a freezer or even a bucket of cool water, the brutal Texas heat drives people to do some very inventive things. Other methods might include: ice in the bra, wet washcloth on your head, putting bed sheets in the freezer…Really anything…

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Worst: Cockroaches

They are fast. They fly. They can squeeze into the tightest of places. They are large. They are scary looking. They are one of the two most-hated pests in Texas.


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Worst: Mosquitoes

And after record rainfall every May they are out in giant swarms. Everyone tries to spray and you can load up on repellent too, but that smell of DEET is a constant reminder that mosquitoes have influenced your outdoor plans. So look forward to being covered in little red bites in early summer.

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Best: Tubing

Sitting on a piece of inflated rubber with nothing but time and cold beverages to kill is one of the best Texas pastimes ever. Float the Guadalupe, Comal River or the San Marcos River.

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Worst: Summer Storms and Hurricanes

Summertime means hurricane season and a strong summer storm can really put a damper on your summer plans.

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Best: Swimming Holes

Yes, swimming in the pool during the day is great. BUT, swimming in a natural hole with beautiful water beats the pool. Jump into Barton Springs Pool, Barton Springs Pool Lars Plougmann, Deep Eddy Pool, Krause Springs, Hamilton Pool, Hippie Hollow, and Bob Wentz Park— Windy Point.


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Worst: Running water to get cold.

"Ah, I'll just enjoy this nice glass of refreshing tap water — OHMYGOD! IT'S BURNING MY MOUTH! How long did you run the water before you filled up this glass? You filled it up right away? Are you crazy? You have to at least run it for 30 seconds before filling any sort of drink."


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Worst: Doing Yardwork

Doing things like mowing, edging, weed eating, planting flowers and tending to the garden are ALWAYS best left to the early morning, before the temperature reaches 100 plus degrees.


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Best: Raspas and Paletas (Northerners may call these snow cones and popsicles.)

It's hot, you are thirsty. Have an ice cold treat.

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Worst: Hot Cars

“I was only in the store for 30 minutes and came back to a car that is now about 175 degrees!” When you open your doors and you can see the waves of heat rushing out and smacking you right in the face. Also keep in mind that cars parked in direct sunlight and even shaded areas in Texas are very very dangerous. DON’T lock kids or pets in the car. And beware, things melt in your cars at this temperature.

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Best: Time to wear shorts and sandals!

A little break from the western wear and boots… Switch to shorts and sandals for a little bit.

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Worst: Scalding Slides

Don't ever put a metal park slide in a Texas playground, especially one that is uncovered.

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Best: Icehouses

“There is something about an open-air bar that makes the beer taste better and the good times last longer.”

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Best: Beaches

“One of the great things about Texas is that there are 268,596 square miles of coastline, which gives you plenty of space to hang out and take in some sun.”

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Best: Waterparks

Schlitterbahn, BSR, Six Flags, Hawaiian Falls, Castaway, Pirates Cove…Just to name a few!

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