QB Dak Prescott Is Now Seeking $40-Million From Cowboys?

It seemed hard to believe a report yesterday that said Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had nixed a deal from Dallas that would have made him one of the league five highest paid QB’s averaging 30-million dollars a season.

But today it seems a lot easier to believe, because a report surfaced 24 hours later saying Dak was asking for 40 million a season.

And, as Jon Lovitz’s character once said inA League Of Their Own,“Well then, this would be more.”

And speaking of baseball movies, Dak is certainly playing hardball over his new contract, as he is letting Dallas know exactly what he thinks he is worth—to be the league’s highest paid QB.

Well, if that report—which came fromJane Slaterof NFL Network—is true.

And I am naming names here, because another name—Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio—tweeted later yesterday that this was a false report.

“Source says report that Cowboys QB Dak Prescott wants $40M per year is all-caps false, under new-money standard or total value at signing analysis,”Florio tweeted.

This report would seem to bear that out. $30-million would certainly count as solid offer for Prescott, even if he doesn’t want it.

Guess we’ll find out which is true soon enough, because the Cowboys are signing Dak one way or another.

“One way” being for 30-mill and “another” being another 10-Million.

Source:Larry Brown Sports