A Haunted House Isn’t Necessarily A Deal Breaker For Home Owners

While people will pay good money to get spooked at haunted houses over Halloween, not many want to actually live in one. But it turns out a bunch of people believe they are living in one and they aren't necessarily jumping to move.

A new realtor.com survey finds:

  • 13% of people believe they currently live in a hunted home.
  • 54% admit they knew or suspected their house was haunted before they moved in.
  • 55% who think their house is haunted haven’t considered moving.
  • Of course not everyone wants to live in a haunted home.
  • In fact, 62% of those polled say they wouldn’t consider living in a house that was rumored to be haunted. 

Now, what exactly leads homeowners to believe their home is haunted?

  • Well, the biggest indicator is strange noises (44%), followed by:
    • Shadows (38%)
    • Hot and cold spots (37%)
    • The feel of certain rooms (34%)
    • Odd pet behavior (30%)
    • Items moving (29%)
    • The feel of being touched (29%)
    • Levitating objects (17%)