Video Game Console Scalper Says Stopping Them Is Actually Easy

According to at least one gaming console scalper, companies like Sony and Microsoft must really want the scalpers around…as they could easily be shut down.Evan Dvorak uses bots to buy consoles, graphics cards, and more in bulk and resells them. Meanwhile, legit gamers who want to play on the new systems either have to wait until there’s more of a supply or pay out the nose to get one. Dvorak says scalping helps the companies and creates more of a demand, so they’re not going to bend over backwards to put a stop to scalping. He also adds that if retailers were that serious about stopping it, they could simply put a Captcha feature on their order forms to weed out the bots…and most don’t because they’re making the sale, and that’s all that matters.


[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]