Most Americans Believe There Is Intelligent Life On Other Planets

Some Americans are anxiously awaiting the federal government’s planned release of a report that reveals what they know about unidentified flying objects, but regardless of what it reveals, folks already have ether own opinions on the subject.

In case you misssd it, A new YouGov poll finds:

  • 61% of Americans believe there is either definitely or probably intelligent life on other planets.
  • That number is an increase from a 2001 poll, where only 54% thought so.
  • Only 17% think there definitely or probably isn’t any life on other planets.
  • Democrats are more likely than Republicans to believe there is life on other planets (68% vs. 50%). 
  • 65% of Americans believe the government isn't being honest about what they know about UFOs.
  • Only 11% think the government is being completely honest about what they know.

But while people may believe there’s other life out there, not many have seen any evidence with their own eyes.

  • Only 19% of Americans say they’ve seen a UFO, while 68% insist they haven’t.
  • More men than women claim to have seen a UFO (24% vs. 15%).


[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]