Dads Give Their Tips For Young Fathers

The best life advice is always going to come from someone who’s already been there. That’s why young fathers have taken to Reddit to find out how to do it right from their elders. While perfection is impossible, quality advice can help you avoid disasters that could turn your life spawn into productive humans.Here are some highlights:

  • There might be a time when your son takes interest in learning to fix or make things. I wish my dad would’ve taught me how to use power/tools and machinery instead of automatically outsourcing to a service.”
  • “Keep them doing heavy physical labor as often as possible, and on the internet as little as possible. Social media creates anxiety and depression, hard work builds confidence and contentment. A man that can create something with his hands is a man who knows how to be happy.”
  • “Teach them personal responsibility and accountability of one's actions. My parents never learned that lesson themselves and I work long and hard to practice it.”
  • “Don’t always force your sons to always play sports or do physical things if they don’t want to because they might not want to and will just hate it and not want to have anything to do with it.
  • “Let them win the argument if they have reasonable logic and supporting evidence. It teaches them to not cry and complain but think and speak intelligently.
  • Teach them to be empathetic, kind, and generous; that's what my parents did. But also teach them how to brave and their own self-advocate.”
  • Don’t give them everything they want and teach them that they can’t have everything their way.”


[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

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