“The Economist” Looks At What To Expect In The World In 2022

Everyone wants to know what’s in their future. That’s why so many self-proclaimed “psychics” make a living…some better than others. For the rest, there’s no shortage of “experts” and “pundits” out there telling us all what to expect in the coming days. “The Economist” has put together a list of ten trends and themes that’ll look to shape 2022…which is coming faster than you think.

  • Politics –It’ll continue to get ugly and argument-filled. Especially on the world stage as the U.S. vs. China battle in everything from tech, trade, space, and health.
  • Endemic –New pills, treatments, and vaccines are coming. That’s great for the vaccinated but will still be controversial for those who aren’t.
  • Inflation –Bankers say that supply-chain shortage inflation is “temporary,” but many people don’t believe them…which makes sense as long as prices stay high.
  • Work –More people are going to work from home, but it’ll cause problems because of issues like people getting skipped over for promotions, worker monitoring, and tax rule changes.
  • Techlash –More regulation of tech will be tried in the States, but who knows how much will succeed? Meanwhile, China is going to focus on “deep tech” rather than “frivolities like games.”
  • Crypto –Cryptocurrency will get more “domesticated” as central banks finally get skin in the game.
  • Climate –Politicians will continue to drag their feet on the issue, but it might be something that forces the East and the West to finally cooperate on something.
  • Travel –It’ll pick up as the world re-opens, but half of business travel is kaput.
  • Space –Next year will be the first time that more people pay to go to space than government employees are sent. Movie companies will vie to be the first to shoot in true “Zero G.” NASA will also crash a space probe into an asteroid because…why the hell not.
  • Sports/Politics –Sports will continue to bring the world together, but some athletes will also know full well now big that stage is…and use to make a point on some issue that’s important to them. Like it or not…it’s not going anywhere.

Source:The Economist

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