The Unwritten Rules Men Follow

While sometimes men’s actions may make no sense, especially to women, there are some things they do that are completely reasonable…at least to other men. And now those guys are sharing what those things are. 

Someone on Reddit recently asked the question “Men, what are some unwritten rules we have?,” and guys were more than happy to enlighten us.

Responses include:

  • “We nod down when we greet someone. We nod up when we meet someone we know."
  • "If a friend buys you a drink, you don’t pay it back. You just buy the next round."
  • "It’s essential that we pee away the small bit of poop on the side of the toilet bowl."
  • "Don't hit another man in the balls — just don't."
  • "Beer and pizza/BBQ is acceptable payment for helping another man work on his house or vehicle."
  • "Don't use the urinal next to an occupied one."
  • “You can have the last slice of pizza. You can have the last beer. But you cannot have both."
  • "Don't roast a man in front of their kid."
  • "Stand when you shake a man’s hand or a woman comes to the table."
  • "If he's flirting with her, him, or they, we don't interrupt."
  • "When your friend’s crush is around, he is the funniest in the group."

Source: BuzzFeed

[Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

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